When does homework become too much?

Kayleigh is our first born, therefore unforunatly for her everything that happens is a first for us as parents.

Her first tooth, her first step. losing her first tooth, first day at school, her first birthday party and so on. It doesn’t make them any more special than Ethan’s firsts but we most certainly (more…)

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Exhaustion- noun

1. the act or process of exhausting.
2. the state of being exhausted.
3. extreme weakness or fatigue.
4. The state of health of a parent who has a poorly child or two!.

Being a parent is the best thing in the world you are lucky enough to be able to (more…)

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Parenting… the best bits

Being a parent is hard work at times but the most rewarding job you will ever have.

There is no way of warning someone who’s about to become a first time parent of what lies ahead, the rollercoaster of going from stressed one minute to feeling tears of joy the next and that (more…)

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We’re going to Lollibop!

Regular readers of our blog may have notice the lovely new badge in our side bar – we are official Lollibop bloggers!


That’s right, we are heading for our first ever trip to Lollibop this year and I can’t wait, I haven’t told Kayleigh and Ethan yet though!

This year it is being (more…)

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