*Review* The Wet Brush

Just before we flew out on holiday we received a new hairbrush to try to tame Kayleigh’s wild hair!

The Wet brush

The Wet Brush took the US by storm and became the number 1 selling detangling brush. It was designed with revolutionary bristles that are specially developed to use on wet hair (though it (more…)

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Blooming at school

Kayleigh has been in reception class for 4 weeks now.

She doesn’t really say too much about school, usually just “I can’t remember” however over the last few weeks she has been telling us more and more. Which is a relief as she wanted to invite her new friends to her birthday (more…)

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A sad goodbye but a huge thank you!

Today I got a little shock when I picked Kayleigh up from preschool. They had given the leavers their presents and they also brought home school reports plus all of Kayleigh’s records from her time at preschool.

Firstly both school reports were simply amazing and had me in tears almost. They have (more…)

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Parenting Promise

Dear Kayleigh and Ethan,

The house is quiet, we’ve been awake for hours but your comfortable watching TV and I’m snuggled on the sofa feeling sorry for myself as I’m still poorly!

The past 8 months have not been easy for anyone in to house but were getting there. It’s not going to (more…)

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