Time to take every moment in!

“In a minute”

“Let me just finish this”

“Just one more thing then I’ll be there”

Sound a bit like you? It was me on repeat!

I am doing far too much, don’t get me wrong, I’m not stressed or worked up but I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed at myself by wasting Kayleigh and Ethan’s childhood (more…)

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A Poem to my Children

Something I just wrote for Kayleigh and Ethan x

Sometimes when we are tired,

Times can be quiet tough.

We are often very grumpy,

not having much of a laugh.


Then I look into your eyes,

& can’t believe you are mine.

Wishing life would slow down,

maybe freezing time.


One day you’ll be a grown up,

Looking after me.

Just for this moment though,

I’ll enjoy you (more…)

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