Cooking made easy!

Step 1 – buy a working cooker!

We finally have a working cooker after 6 months of living with just a dodgy hob and grill, hooray!
Isn’t it shiny?!

Cooking made easy
Anyway, now that we have that it means that we are back in the kitchen and baking away.

Since it was connected for us on Tuesday, (more…)

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Our 2014 bucket list

As another year draws to a close and Kayleigh and Ethan get that little bit older it’s made me realise how fast time is going.

So with the new year almost here I’m going to make our Mummy Vs Work household bucket list!

  1. Get a full-time job – I have my new role (more…)
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Simple Snack Pack

A great snack pack from Simple packed full of healthy food which is great for your skin!

  • Brazil Nuts – Brazil Nuts are packed with the mineral Selenium which can help to protect skin against sun damage.
  • Dried Mango – Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene which can help to protect the skin from (more…)
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