Easter crafting with Baker Ross

Easter is almost upon us and with that comes the school holidays!

The kids can’t wait to have some time off and Baker Ross kindly sent over a fab bundle of goodies for them to get creative with!

  • Tissue Paper Flower Kits
  • Easter Egg Fuse Bead Kits
  • Bird Ceramic Planters
  • Wooden Arrow Plaques
  • Mini Bird House Gift Boxes
  • Ceramic (more…)
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Autumn crafts with Baker Ross

With the colder wet weather rolling in and the darker nights, it gives us more of a chance to get some crafting done as we all head indoors.

Recently we took a delivery of great crafts from Baker Ross and the kids couldn’t wait to get started.

Baker Ross


Our first task was to get (more…)

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5 Crafting Traditions To Start With The Family

Family traditions are important as they provide both quality time together and produce a source of identity for yourself and your kids that can then be passed on through generations. If crafting is your thing, what would be better than making those traditions craft based? Not only is this special bonding time with the kids, but also a chance to teach them (more…)

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*Review* AmiGami

If your kids are anything like mine then they will see something on the tv and they want it …. all of it!

One thing that Kayleigh and Ethan have been going on about lately has been AmiGami, the new toy that doesn’t only give you something to play with but allows (more…)

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