Brightening the mood

The past few months have been tough in our household. There has been lots going on off the blog which is still going on, then to throw in to the mix illnesses and trying to remortgage at the same time it has been manic.

With so much going on the mood in (more…)

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Planning the perfect allotment

If you’ve been lucky enough to secure an allotment (many people in some parts of the country have to wait months, if not years, on a list) then it’s worth spending a few weeks before the spade hits the soil planning how everything is going to work.

Initial Prep

First things first, spend (more…)

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Tots 100 home makeover

Tots 100 have teamed up with the fantastic to offer one blogger the chance to win a £2500 home makeover. All we have to do to win this amazing prize is tell you which room we’ve selected, why and what we’d like to do to it. All in a creative (more…)

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