Flying solo on a school trip

By the time your reading this Kayleigh would have been on her school trip and I’ll be anxiously waiting at the school gate for her to return.

She has been so excited for the last few weeks about the whole trip and unfortunately try as I might I’ve been struggling with the (more…)

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Growing Up too fast!

I have so much that I want to share yet so far have failed to find the time, motivation or energy to do so!

However I have had a little time to reflect on life lately and start to take in the fact that it is all going too quickly. This weekend (more…)

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Time to take every moment in!

“In a minute”

“Let me just finish this”

“Just one more thing then I’ll be there”

Sound a bit like you? It was me on repeat!

I am doing far too much, don’t get me wrong, I’m not stressed or worked up but I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed at myself by wasting Kayleigh and Ethan’s childhood (more…)

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