My Baby is becoming a boy!

We are fast approaching Christmas, how scary is that?!

But even scary is my baby is starting pre-school in a little over 15 weeks…. where has the time gone?

With Ethan due to start pre-school it just reminds me of how quick life passes you by but also how expensive its now going (more…)

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10/06/2012 – Day 162

I know its early for the picture of the day but I captured this early this morning and it reminded me of a poem which I thought is perfect for a Sunday thought of the day 🙂

Sometimes you get discouraged

Because i’m small

And always leave my fingerprints

On furniture and walls


But everyday I’m growing

I’ll (more…)

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Stopping Time

Do you ever feel like the world is spinning and you just want to jump off (no I don’t mean when you’ve had one to many :P)

Next month Ethan turns 2. Yup it was 2 years ago since I went through a pretty stressful time of the ECV then the c-section. It (more…)

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