Kids + Lovely Pictures = This!

The weather wasn’t too bad tonight so I thought I’d try to get a couple of nice pictures in the garden of the children. So it started well with Ethan being cheeky with the bubbles.

The chaos descended as I asked them to have pictures together.. I’ll let the pictures do the (more…)

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10/08/2012 – Day 223

We popped to a farm not to far from us with a local stay and play group. I took well over 70 pictures today, however my favourite one was taken in the hall before we left! I just think it captures Kayleigh personality 🙂


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26/07/2012 – Day 208

This evening we popped to the local park, its only about 5 minutes walk from our house and it was empty so Kayleigh and Ethan could run around the field until their heart was content. Ethan however decided that sitting on my back was more fun!

This picture was taken on my (more…)

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12/07/2012 – Day 194

The sun finally came out today, good timing too! As today was Kayleigh’s sports day. Now last year she refused to participate and just sat crying, this year she was at the front of the line, bubbling with excitement and generally bursting to get going. I loved this action shot though I (more…)

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01/07/2012 – Day 183

We took Kayleigh and Ethan over to a local estate called Ashridge where we could go for a great walk in the woods. It was a magical place for the toddlers to explore and enjoy nature. Here is on of the gorgeous flowers we came across.


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*Review* Blooming Metal

A friend I met a few years ago on a baby forum after having Kayleigh has recently started a new business venture and i’m one of the lucky ones to have the chance to display the gorgeous item in my garden and share my views!

Blooming Metal is a shop selling hand (more…)

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