Roller coaster of emotions

It’s almost 2 weeks since we’ve had our accident and its been roller coaster of emotions.

The timing of accident couldn’t have been any worse, just a week before Kayleigh’s first real party and a little over a week till her birthday.

I’ve been pretty much up and down throughout the whole off (more…)

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Operation Party Planning!

So we’re well in the swing of party planning for Kayleigh’s 4th Birthday.

I’ve managed to book the hall, bouncy castle, face painter. Also I’ve brought the bits for the party bags and ordered the cake toppers.

So really all I’ve got to do is pay for most things and the food.

I’m in need (more…)

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19/07/2012 – Day 201

Today was the pre-school end of term party.

I was all prepared for tears, however Kayleigh seemed oblivious to what was going on around her really. Which I suppose in one way is a good thing! There was a lot of sad mummies and teachers though as so many children were moving (more…)

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