09/08/12 – Day 222

Today I’m going to break the rules! Firstly i’m going to do 2 pictures, then one is a picture Kayleigh drew (broke the rule there!) which i’m just so proud of, i have to share it! She isn’t even 4 year and she is more talented than me!

I know I broke the rules this (more…)

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05/08/2012 – Day 218

I never noticed I had post from yesterday until I checked for the paper and realised it was there! Inside was a letter from Keech Hospice that means so much, I’m just so glad they could put the money and train set to good use 🙂 Thank you to everyone who (more…)

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01/08/2012 – Day 214

I am useless with plants & flowers, they always die, even the one’s that don’t need watering! So i’m very pleased to announce these flowers are blossoming!


I’ve been pretty unispired this week! Starting to faulter 8 months in!
This is my picture of the week for The Boy and Me project 366 (more…)

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