Positive thinking in a tough year

This year has been tough.

Possibly the toughest year in fact I can remember. It’s still ongoing and not really something I can discuss on the blog but it’s involved lots of stress, mental health battles and money worries that currently don’t really have any end in sight.

However it takes a lot (more…)

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Being a grown up

Sometimes you have to just admit that you are getting old… you are “grown up”

Ok maybe at times you don’t behave like one all the time, you laugh when the kids pop off or you laugh at your own jokes but there are times when it gets serious.

Remortgaging *shudders* is one (more…)

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Anxiety never really goes…

Definition of Anxiety –

A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

For months now I’ve been working on controlling my anxiety through medication, counselling and time. There was a point after our Lanzarote holiday that I actually felt “normal” which was such (more…)

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Anxiety, it can affect anyone!

Anxiety, its probably one of those things you never think you’ll suffer with or understand very well.

I know I didn’t but surprisingly 13% of adults in the UK will suffer with it in their lifetime.

At the moment I am living with it and I want to share what it’s like so (more…)

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Operation Holiday!

So that’s it, for Daddy’s 30th Birthday we are off to Lanzarote next year! Whoppee!!!

There is only the small issue of the kids don’t have passports, nor do we have holiday clothes or spending money… oops!

However we did manage to get the passport pictures done yesterday but I think they may look a (more…)

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Fussy Eater Alert!

Ok my darling daughter has now become a fussy eater at the age of 3 and its driving me bonkers.

People always used to say “we know who she takes after” in a comment to my eating habits as I pretty much eat anything and everything put in front of me! However that has (more…)

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