My Baby is becoming a boy!

We are fast approaching Christmas, how scary is that?!

But even scary is my baby is starting pre-school in a little over 15 weeks…. where has the time gone?

With Ethan due to start pre-school it just reminds me of how quick life passes you by but also how expensive its now going (more…)

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Operation Holiday!

So that’s it, for Daddy’s 30th Birthday we are off to Lanzarote next year! Whoppee!!!

There is only the small issue of the kids don’t have passports, nor do we have holiday clothes or spending money… oops!

However we did manage to get the passport pictures done yesterday but I think they may look a (more…)

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Kids + Lovely Pictures = This!

The weather wasn’t too bad tonight so I thought I’d try to get a couple of nice pictures in the garden of the children. So it started well with Ethan being cheeky with the bubbles.

The chaos descended as I asked them to have pictures together.. I’ll let the pictures do the (more…)

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Nightmares… what to do?!

Since taking Kayleigh and Ethan to see Ice Age 4 – sleep has been a bit hit and miss.

We’ve never really had too many problems at bedtime in general (though we have had the odd bad night!) so Ethan waking up screaming in the night for several hours has been a (more…)

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