10 Months to go!

A bit late this month with our countdown and its going so fast however I’m not really getting anywhere! I’m just going round in circles chasing my tail.

My problem is I’m so indecisive so this month I’m going to make myself a little to do list and hopefully I will get (more…)

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Wedding to do list

So we are less than a year till the big day and I still have a list as long as my arm of things that need to be done!

Plus the wedding dreams have started, last night I dream’t they wouldn’t allow us to get married after we got to the venue (more…)

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12 Months to go!

Ok first wedding post on the blog… eek!

Our wedding is now less than 12 months away and it is quiet scary how quick it is going.

So I thought the first post would be a bit better to post about the things we have managed to achieve rather than those we need (more…)

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Wedding Preparation

Well today’s the day, my big sister is getting married!

Both myself and Kayleigh are bridesmaids along with another little girl so its time to dress up and look pretty, however i don’t normally do dresses/skirts i’m more of a jean type of person but i’m going to try the whole pretty (more…)

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