*Review* My Carry Potty

We was very fortunate last year to be picked by Madeformums to review the My Carry Potty. At the time we was attempting to potty train Kayleigh (and failing!) so i did a small review for them but i couldn’t really put it to the test back then.

Then one day in March Kayleigh decided she didnt want to wee in her nappy so out came the potty and that was it within 3 days she was dry during the day, we’re still working on the nights! So we’ve now had plenty of times to use the My Carry Potty whilst out and about on our venutures.

The first thing i noticed with the My Carry Potty is how light weight and compact it is, when its under the buggy it looks nothing like a potty but more like a lunch box. Its designed with a carry handle which makes the whole thing easy to carry. The actual potty itself has a clip shut lid which makes is completely leak proof and odour proof, we’ve not had a leak to date!

Exterior of the My Carry Potty a bit battered from the use !
Kayleigh Modeling her My Carry Potty
The interior of the My Carry Potty


We have used this potty on so many occasions i couldn’t even list them all, we’ve taken it shopping, to the zoo, stay & play & many more and all the times Kayleigh has used it with ease. We then carry it round and empty it in a toliet whenever we have time. Thats the great thing about it, its so compact and easy to use anywhere you may be.
Overall i am so impressed with this product that I think its the best product on the market for potty training. It has made our lives so much easier whilst potty training and i would recommend this to anyone. The have also released a potty training book complete with reward chart and stickers, please take a look at their site for more details.
Their site http://www.mycarrypotty.co.uk/ is full of interesting information on potty training and also they have a facebook page where lots of parents can discuss & help each other with those potty training issues, you can find them at http://www.facebook.com/#!/mycarrypotty?sk=wall
It retails for £24.99 which some may find a bit expensive but i think for the quality and the amount of usage we have got out of it i think its great value. It is also avaliable in Yellow, Pink and Blue.
These are available to purchase here http://www.cheekyrascals.co.uk/1544/get-yours and many more other online retailers.

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