*Review* BABYBJÖRN Cup

Thank you to the lovely people at BabyBjörn we received a lovely BabyBjörn Cup – Baby’s 1st cup for Ethan to try out.

On first impressions this cup was smaller than i was expecting, not in a bad way at all i was just expecting some big bulky 1st cup but this wasn’t like that at all. Its available in Blue, Red, Pink or Green.

Here are some fact about the BabyBjörn Cup – Baby’s 1st cup:

Developed with paediatricians, industrial engineers, children and parents the BabyBjörn Cup helps to get your baby drinking properly. What’s more with its unique design and low centre of gravity, the cup is very difficult to know over. Functional, yet visually appealing, the BabyBjörn Cup contains no BPA or phthalates and is made from durable and recyclable plastics so it is safe for the microwave, the dishwasher and the environment. It can also be used as a feeding container and is designed to fit perfectly with the BabyBjörn spoon.

Our Opinion
So we set straight to the task of trying this cup with Ethan. He’s always used the non spill sippy cups till now unless he’s been having a sneaky drink out of Kayleigh’s cup. Now this is most likely more because I’m a bit more laid back with him than i was with Kayleigh so i was in no rush to get him to try a normal cup but this cup looked so good i had no hesitation on trying him on this.
Once i had got the cup out of the packaging i was very impressed with the design as the cup itself is pretty light weight. The cleverness of the design is the base, its a sturdy round base covering a larger area than normal cups giving it less chance to be knocked over.

The design of the cup is great for little hands as the can get a secure grip on the bottom of the cup, but he also looks comfortable in holding it.

And so the fun began:

Oops that was a bit quicker than i was expecting!

Although Ethan has a few showers from his cup due to his lack of skill drinking out of an open top cup he soon became a bit more aware of how to use it and had no problems in picking the cup up to attempt to drink out of it. We will persevere with this cup as i think the design is a great concept and lets face it, its also a great looking cup! The cup itself holds a nice amount of liquid for a little person so its not just a good looking cup but a practical cup.

There is only one real draw back i can see from this cup and that would be the RRP of £8.99 for 1 cup, i think some people may struggle to justify the price but i would say if your going to go for that one special cup to aid with the transition from a sippy cup to a normal beaker then this is the training cup for you.

It can be purchased from most major online stores like Amazon & Kiddicare .

Please head to BabyBjörn for more information or to see their other products.

You can also find them on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mummy-Vs-Work/125771034180328#!/pages/BabyBj%C3%B6rn-UK/143439525717042

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