*Review* BEAR Yo Yo’s

We were kindly contacted by BEAR to try a few of their yummy BEAR Yo Yo’s .

When they arrived both Kayleigh and Ethan were very excited to see 4 different flavours of BEAR Yo Yo’s to try plus some money off coupons for our next shopping trip!

So now the taste testing begun! The 1st thing i did was to check the ingredients on these as so many products claim to be sugar free & no added preservatives etc and was pleasantly surprised that these are just that!  For example here are the ingredients for the strawberry Yo Yo’s:
  • apples
  • pears
  • sweet potato extract
  • natural strawberry flavour

That is it!

So they passed the mummy test – now the taste test! In a packet you get 2 rolls of fruit, which for me is perfect with 2 children but one in an open packet keeps fine.

Kayleigh decided she wanted to try the blueberry one whilst Ethan was asleep and was very excited as she thought she was trying a new sweety, little did she know she was actually getting enough fruit in 1 roll to be one of her five a day.

As you can see the rolls themselves are a nice size for children to eat and i think they way they are rolled makes them appeal to children as its something new and exciting.

 I wasn’t too sure of what Kayleigh would make of them but there was lots of “yum””mmm” coming from her! So i decided to give them a little try.

The 1st thing i noticed is how sweet they actually are. Considering there is no sugar in these apart from the sugar that is naturally in fruit they are sweet enough for even my sweet tooth!

The BEAR Yo Yo’s  even got Ethan’s seal of approval!
You can buy BEAR Yo Yo’s direct from Bear for £8.82 for 18 packets (2 rolls a pack) which works out just 49p for a packet which i think is just fantastic. I admit i do let my 2 have sweets occasionally but i think I’d rather stock up on these and let them have these. You can also by these from Waitrose, The Co-Op, Ocado, Asda, Boots, Hollands & Barrett, Planet Organic & Whole Foods.
For starters they really enjoy them (on our last packet already!) but most importantly they are far healthier!

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