If i could have any job in the world…

I was tagged by the lovely Ramblings of A Suburban Mummy to tell you if i could have any job in the world what i would do.

Well there is 2 I’d like to do as both can be fitted in around children šŸ™‚

1st ) Is a party planner/wedding planner.

Now i have absolutely no idea why but i love organising things and i think this job would be great, i could colour co-ordinate things to the specific theme etc. I do suffer with a bit OCD so maybe this is why i would like this kind of job!

2) Running my own Baby Website/shop

This is probably my most ideal job, dealing with customers and suppliers, making sure mums & mum’s to be get the best help & advice they can when making decisions on what to buy for their children. I would really like to do this but there is just 2 issues, 1 – it costs money to set up and get running and 2 – i wouldn’t know where to start!

So now you know what I’d really like to do why don’t you share you ideal job The Wonderful Adventures of Spud and Spike , My Mummies Pennies and Hex Mum , then link back to Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy

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