Its my Birthday…

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So as you all now know today is my birthday!

In my mind I’m now tipping the imaginary scale towards 30, there’s no way back now!

Since having my 2 i have found that my birthday’s don’t really matter that much anymore, still the same sort of day i normally have. The best thing about birthday’s now is hearing Kayleigh say happy birthday mummy, makes me smile every time – she even woke me up with a kiss this morning!

Don’t get me wrong i got spoilt with loads of cards (30+) 6 bunches of flowers, endless chocolates, money & finally NCIS season 7! But i look forward more to the kids birthdays more than my own – i must be getting old!

Nothing more satisfying than seeing their smiles as the see their presents or decorations in the house. I love making a fuss of them making them feel super special for the day.

Kayleigh’s 1st Birthday

Ethan’s 1st Birthday

We also do something on that day that we wouldn’t normally so spend the day at the zoo with lunch and dinner out with cake 🙂

One of the best things about parenting – seeing your children beaming with happiness and amazement at whats going on!