*Review* MAM Baby’s Bowl

We were lucky enough to receive a little bundle of goodies from MAM for Ethan to try out. The 1st of these is the MAM Baby’s Bowl.

On first impressions this bowl is a great size for either a weaning baby or a toddler to us. The bowl itself is designed with 2 levels to help make it easier for toddlers to pick up food with their cutlery.

The bowl also comes with a removable suction ring to flexibly secure the bowl and a lid that is secure to be used on the go.

We put the bowls to the test with Ethan on many occasions, they have a great deal of space and the two levels made it easier for Ethan to try and get the food onto the bowl.

The only issue i found is the suction pad didn’t seem to hold it down onto the high chair tray for very long, though reading into this more it seems it sticks better to wood so now we’ve moved Ethan to a booster seat i think this will work better on our dining room table than i did on our high chair.

These bowl’s retail for £5.10 and can be purchased direct from MAM at http://mamonlineshop.com/acatalog/Cutlery2.html .

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