*Review* MAM Baby’s Fork & Spoon

To complement our MAM Baby’s Bowl we also received a set of MAM Baby’s Fork & Spoon for Ethan to try.

On first inspection of these they seemed the perfect size for Ethan’s little hands to use. The handles are rubber so it means he can keep a good grip of them.

The handles are also slightly curved, this is to enable children to learn to hold cutlery properly. The fork is has a rounded head  like the spoon but it is also pointed enough to be able to pick up food.


This set of cutlery is perfect for little people like Ethan, he found them very easy to use. The heads of the spoon and fork are not flat but have a little dip which means that Ethan can pick food up with them and it stays on the cutlery rather than rolling off.

These are also BPA free and dishwasher safe which is another big plus point as they can be put in the dishwasher with everything else.

You can purchase these cutlery sets from MAM for £3.05 http://mamonlineshop.com/acatalog/Cutlery2.html . which is a great price for these, they get a lot of use in our house!

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