*Review* MAM Perfect Soother

Our final product from MAM we received to review was a MAM Perfect Soother .

Here is a little more detail (OK a lot!) from the MAM website on this soother :

I wont tell porkies i was a bit anxious when this arrived as Ethan has always liked cherry teat soothers and has never taken to the new shaped soothers even as a baby.

Once it was taken out of the box i noticed how soft the soother teat was. Nothing like i had ever come across. I also noticed how small the teat neck was.

But i needn’t have worried as Ethan was keen on to try this new soother.

He was a bit surprised to begin with in attempting to work out why it felt strange but soon forgot about this and carried on with it like his normal soother.

These soothers are also very nice to look at and come in a choice of different colours.

Another great thing about these soothers is the steriliser-box that they come with, its simple to use and you just add water to the line and stick it in the microwave for 3 minutes then its done. It makes it so simple and quick to sterilise!

You can purchase these direct from MAM for £5.50 for 1.


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