*Review* Nuby 6pk Feeding Spoons

We were fortunate enough to receive some lovely goodies from Nuby to review so I’ve decided to start with my favourite of the bundle, the Nuby 6pk Feeding Spoons.

BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
Having weaned two toddlers i have gone through an awful lot of spoons from supermarket brands to pretty much anything i could get my hands on but these are the best spoons by far.

I’ve always found with weaning spoons or any other children’s spoons is they are normally quiet flat which causes major problems with getting the food to stay on the spoon (especially cereal with milk) however these spoon have a lovely deep head so when you are feeding there is very little spillage which makes a very happy toddler getting his food and a happy mummy not having to clean up! Also I’ve found that the spoon head size is a great size for feeding as i have a tendency to put a bit too much on the spoon, yet these take just enough food to feed Ethan a mouthful so more than enough for a baby weaning.

Another great feature is the handles have little rubber grips which make them easier to hold on to and also the spoons are extremely long which would be great for getting into all those corners at the bottom of baby jars of food.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with these spoons and i personally could not fault them at all, i would recommend them to anyone looking to start weaning or already weaning as they are perfect for all ages 🙂

They cost £2.99 for a pack of 6 direct from Nuby which is a fantastic price for these.

Check them out at Nuby and all their other products they have.

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