This is what i dream of owning the most…

I have been tagged by The Wonderful Adventures of Spud & Spike & The Hart of the Munchkin Patchto tell you the thing I’d like to own the most…

Mine is pretty simple (well it is if i have about £20000!)

As you can see my back garden is very steep – I’d like to have this flattened and the whole area covered in artificial grass.
Failing that just the bottom bit covered in artificial grass for now.
Do you think I’d get a discount if i did a review? (like a 99% discount?)
Well the question was what i dreamt of owning right?
So I’m tagging My Mummys Pennies, Busy Mum of 3 & Mish Mash Mum to do the same then link back to The Wonderful Adventures of Spud & Spike

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