*Review* Child Up Early Learning Game Cards

When we was approached to review the Child Up Early Learning Game Cards, I thought they would be great for Kayleigh to use and review as she’s started pre-school now and is on the road to her education.

We received 2 packs of cards, Teach your Child to Count to 10 & Teach your Child to Count to 20. Knowing that Kayleigh can count to 15 ok, we decided to start with those.

The packs consist of 64 Cards, 16 Parent cards and 48 children’s cards. The parent cards contain hints and tips on how to encourage counting in the everyday environment and the children’s cards are the actual game.

The children’s cards start of with one type of animal on the card, you are shown the animal (or animals depending on the number) on one side of the card then on the reverse of the card you see the number written. This encourages children to be able to count the animals and also then learn to recognise the number in its written form.

Once you’ve done 1 to 10 on these it then moves onto cards to help them begin to understand adding up. So instead of having 1 type of animal it has 2 types of animals. This starts to encourage the children to add to numbers together. The number of different animal’s increase until there is 3 different types of animals.

I found the animals on the card’s kept Kayleigh’s interest as we named each animal before counting them.

We have not moved onto the Teach your Child to Count to 20 set just yet but we will do once Kayleigh has got the hang of her 1 – 10.

These cards are great flash cards that can be used for 10 minutes at a time encouraging children to learn to count in a fun way that they will enjoy.

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