Brit Mum’s Personal Prompt .. My biggest peeve is..

So I had so much fun doing last weeks Brit Mum’s personal prompt that i’m back again and this one is another corker! So get ready for a rant ladies and gentlemen.

My biggest peeve is … manners or peoples lack of them shall we say!

As far as i’m concerned manners cost nothing, it takes no effort to say please or thank you or even sorry. Yet so many people lack this ability.

Its simple things like holding to door open for someone and them saying thanks or moving out of someones way and them saying thank you.

I feel like i am constantly saying sorry as my 2 are in the way or up to something they shouldn’t be. I always say thank you to someone holding the door open or the shop assistant helping me pack.

Every time I get an e-mail offering me a review I say thank you, I say thank you again when it arrives and then again when I e-mail the link back. Maybe its a bit excessive but i would rather be too polite than just plan rude!

So take note, if you’ve ever given/sent me a card or present and i’ve not said thank you that would be because I never received it 😀

In my eyes manners is a basic skill people should be taught whilst growing up and both of mine are learning it now, Kayleigh is at the point that she say’s please when she asks for something and thank you after she gets it. To me this is normal and its bringing her up to be a polite young lady – something i will make sure she is! Yes she doesn’t always do it off her own back and has to be prompted but she’s not even 3 yet so i’ll let her off!

There you go.. now you know what gets my back up! Don’t forget to head back to Brit Mums for more prompt replies 🙂

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