Pumpkin Carving with a Toddler

With our theme over the next few weeks being Halloween we decided to have a go at pumpkin carving and it was a great cheap activity!

Our pumpkin cost us 89p from Asda and we brought a pumpkin carving kit (which is safe for little hands, with adult supervision, but also reusable) for £1 so this whole activity cost us less than £2.

So now you’ve seen all the bits to get creating, here is how we did ours!

Firstly we carved the lid off the pumpkin, this was done by Daddy as we used a sharp knife.

Then we started to empty our pumpkin out of all the seeds – we used a desert spoon to loosen the seeds up then Kayleigh used her scoop from the pumpkin carving tool set to scoop them out 🙂

Next up came the fun part – drawing the scary face on it! After much debate (and a little practice on a scrap bit of paper) we came up with our final spooky face :

So now came the carving, knowing how much Kayleigh likes to get involved I knew she would like to attempt to help carve the pumpkin. fortunately the little carving tools that came in the kit were not sharp so she could join in cutting out the face.

Ta Da – our finished carved pumpkin which kept Kayleigh entertained for at least an hour for the not so pocket breaking £1.89!

If your looking for a cheap but fun thing to do with the kids as the weather gets colder i recommend this to anyone, even those with toddlers!

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