The Watt Loss Challenge – Are you a Smart Mum?

Brit mums and British gas have teamed up to look for their Smart Mum as part of the The Watt Loss Challenge!  

We are actually more energy-saving in this house than we realise.

When we moved into the house we soon realised that the spot lights in our house we’re burning a lot of energy so we invested in a lamp for our living room with an energy-saving bulb, this has lasted us the last 4 years already and is still going strong. We also replaced the lights in the kitchen with a single light again as there was spot lights in their too. This isn’t the only way we try to be energy efficient.

Our living room have a huge window with blinds fitted. Not long after we moved in (We moved on the 14th December!) we released that it was very chilly and the heat was going straight out the window so we decided to replace the blinds with nets and curtains so on the chiller nights we shut our curtains early to keep the heat in and to help reduce our gas bill.

Another way we reduce our energy usage is to hang washing outside in the summer, especially if im at work. It’s easy to put it on when we first get up and hang it out during the day. Saving the usage of the tumble dryer and time as it dries whilst I’m at work saving me time doing it in the evening.

There are plans in the making to make our house more energy efficient as we need a new boiler and radiators throughout the house to make them more efficient . We would also like to have new insulation put into the roof rafters and get the windows replaced as they are all getting old however all of these cost money so will have to be done bit by bit. One thing i would love to have installed would be solar panels as these would be great to reduce the bills and create our own energy that is green energy!

Whats your best energy-saving tip?


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