*Review* My Daddy Cooks – Cookbook

So on my facebook page I asked for recommendations for a good cook book and all of you said My Daddy Cooks! So it was from there that I’m now reviewing the book!

My Daddy Cooks is written by Nick Coffer, it started a bit like this site, a blog where he used to post video’s of him cooking with is toddler Archie and from there it went round the world and quickly catapulted them into the limelight. I think its great that a “normal” chef is able to share their cooking adventures with us, I suppose it’s a bit like I do with the baking with Kayleigh just not as world-wide!

We are currently about to change our eating habits in the new year so this book is great as it shows how to make things from scratch with easy to get ingredients and simple techniques! Which is perfect for someone like me who can cook just doesn’t know where to start.

Now obviously there was no point me reviewing this is if don’t try the recipes. So other than the simple way to cook an omelette, which is quicker than the way I used to do it, I have tried the spaghetti bolognaise, which is the first time ever I have made it from scratch and it was delicious! I just need to work out a way to cook it without the wine as we are not red wine drinkers so very rarely have this in the house and last night i cooked sausage jambaya which was as equally delicious, this is likely to be a firm favourite in our house, especially with me as its simple to prepare and can cook itself whilst I get organised after a day at work.

But our use of the book doesn’t end there, i am planning to try another 5 recipes for dinner over the next week! Varying from pasta dishes to pies and salmon parcels.

This book has opened our taste buds to a wide new range of food, we’ve never had chorizo before our sausage jambaya and we’re used to a famous brand of spaghetti bolognaise sauce so this can only be good for our bodies and finances! Also I am starting to become a cook book horder! I’ll get it for one recipe then never use it again so its saying something for me to be using this again and so often.

If you want to learn to cook then this is the book for you, its simple, easy to use and the recipes taste great for the whole family! Rrp is £16.99 so the average price for a cook book but this is more than that, it’s a chance to change the eating habits of your whole family.


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