Close of one chapter & the start of a new one

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So next week see’s Ethan turn 2.. yep 2 already!

Which means 2 years ago I would have been anxiously awaiting my c-section date & having all my pre-op tests & appointments, also I would have been stressing about our family expanding from 3 – 4… I shouldn’t have!

This also means as a family we’re about to close the chapter on one part of our life and enter into the next one.

5 Month Pregnant with Kayleigh

Four years after I started on my road to mummyhood it’s all about to change again. Ethan dropped his dummies and bottles almost a year ago plus he has been sleeping in a big bed for a while. He has even started to walk a lot more now, we barely use his buggy anymore. So that just leave’s us with the hurdle to face of potty training! In 6 months Ethan will even be starting pre-school with Kayleigh!

5 Months pregnant with Ethan

It’s sad in a way, not enough to make me broody though! Just sad to be closing that chapter on our life and moving onto the next adventure. It’s not always been easy, there have been plenty of ups & downs and an awful lot of learning going on but we made it.

I suppose I feel a little bit lost at where we are going now, as it’s all new to us. It’s a bit like being back at pre-baby stage, facing the unknown.

One things for sure, if its anything like the last 4 years I need to hold on to my hat as its likely to be a rollercoaster!