*Review* Askeys Crazy Faces

With the summer upon us, we have started to enjoy that summer favourite, Ice Cream! So when Baking Mad contacted us to see if we would like to try the new Askeys Crazy Faces we couldn’t wait to see what they had come up with!

Crazy Faces includes everything you need to make 12 portions of ice cream exciting with 12 cones & lots of edible faces to make cats, dogs, pigs or monsters!

As with all of the Akseys products I knew to expect great things and we weren’t disappointed. I love sugar paper on things but have never thought of using it on ice cream cones. The kids face’s when the ice cream’s came out was such a picture! The sugar paper self glued itself to the ice cream and held really well.

We throughly enjoyed our Crazy Faces with our ice cream topped of with sprinkles & at £1.70 for 12 cones & faces its a great family desert.


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