Sleep, does it every return after kids?

Sleep is a funny old thing, we all take for granted what sleep we have before children then they come along and it’s a whole different kettle of fish!

I can’t really remember the last time I went to bed and slept until my body woke me up naturally, the alarm (aka children) always beat me to it!

I have noticed though that since Ethan moved into a proper bed he has started sleeping a lot better, meaning Kayleigh gets to sleep in too. Ok it may only be until 6.30 but that’s better than the wake up time before that!

Here are my top tips for getting your little one to sleep better through the night (from 4 years of hands on experience no certificate though!) :

  1. Routine – Now I’m not talking about the routine where you sleep, feed & burp your child by the clock but one where your in control with bedtime. With Kayleigh we used to just keep her mosses basket in the living room till we went to bed then settle her at our bedtime. With Ethan we used to put him in the cot from about 3 weeks old which was in our room. We used to stay with him but let him self settle & within a few weeks he was settling himself to bed, resulting in him being a much better sleeper than Kayleigh.
  2. Good bed & Mattress – Since Ethan moved over into a big bed he has slept so much better. Making sure you pick something comfortable is most definitely a winner, head over to as they have a great selection of mattresses available at really reasonable prices. They also do a selection of cot mattresses to help your little one have a great nights sleep in comfort.
  3. No drinks before bed! – This one is for those in the midst of potty training or just coming out the other side. Kayleigh is a little madam for asking for a drink before bed however it always results in her being up at5amfor a wee, waking Ethan and the whole household up! We’ve found since limiting them an hour or so before bed she goes to the loo before bed and then that’s her comfortable through the night 🙂 

So like I said, I’m no qualified expert but I have survived the reality of new babies & having 2 toddlers sharing a bedroom for almost 4 years now, it does get easier I promise!

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