*Review* The Brache – Beefeater Grill

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Yesterday was my little brothers 21st Birthday and to celebrate our family headed to our local Beefeater – The Brache for a meal.

With 13 of us (including 3 under the age of 12) we booked in advance to ensure that there would be a space available to take us all. Whilst looking online at their menu we soon realised if we sat down to eat after 6.30 we could take advantage of the value menu meaning a 3 course meal could be as little as £13.99, so that is what we planned to do.

We arrived at the restaurant a little earlier than planned at about 6.20pm and were promptly shown to our seats. A little while before I had dropped off some balloons and a cake to the restaurant and they kindly decorated the table which was lovely, however from here on was when the problems started.

We had arranged to pay our bills separately so planned to go to the bar to buy our drinks rather than trying to split the bill at the end. My dad however decided to order his drinks with the waitress as there was only the 3 of them having a drink it would be easy to remember. So after being seated he ordered their drinks straight away with our starters and the mains. A few minutes later a few of us headed to the bar to buy our drinks. By the time we had ordered our drinks at the bar, paid for them and got seated (at least 10 minutes later) my dad still hadn’t received his drink and had to remind the waitress who then ran off to get them.

By this point everyone was starving, including Kayleigh and Ethan! We waited until gone 7.15pm for our starters, a whole 45 minutes after we ordered them! Everything ordered was really simple, prawn cocktail, breaded mushrooms so we really have no idea what the hold up was on these.

It was well gone 7.30 before they decided to clear our table and ask if we would like any top ups to our drinks (Top tip – You can buy a pepsi refill glass which they top up free of charge throughout the meal. This is £2.35 the same price as one glass of coke! They don’t mention this, though it is on the menu).

We then had to wait just over another 30 minutes for our mains to be delivered (ordered these with the starters). It was almost an hour from our starters being delivered to the mains arriving at the table. By this point both Kayleigh and Ethan were starving and getting tired, never before have we experienced such slow service in such a well known restaurant. I have to say the food was all well cooked but for the time it took, it wasn’t worth the stress of waiting.

It however got even worse though as we then had to wait a further 40 minutes from our mains being deliver to our desert order even being taken, this was only due to 3 people chasing them up to come and get our orders. The worst bit was though there was a group that came and sat behind us, who arrived about an hour after us and they had a 3 course meal & had eaten their deserts before we had even ordered ours.

This meant it was pretty much 9pm before our deserts started to arrive.

All in all it took us 3 hours to get a 3 course meal delivered to our party – completely unacceptable, especially as they knew there was 2 toddlers in the party.

The restaurant was busy, though not fully booked last night which I’m sure will be their excuse for the delay but it is just poor customer service when they cannot even apologise for the delays we experienced or at least have the decency to come and explain to us there is a hold up. Instead we felt dumped in the corner and forgotten about.

It cost almost £170 for us all to eat last night but i think next time we’d be better going to a carvery or  having pizza delivered as its cheaper, quicker and probably much better delivery!

I would not recommend anyone who has a large party to go there, not worth the money or the stress! Ruined what was meant to be a great night to celebrate my brothers 21st.