Operation Holiday!

So that’s it, for Daddy’s 30th Birthday we are off to Lanzarote next year! Whoppee!!!

There is only the small issue of the kids don’t have passports, nor do we have holiday clothes or spending money… oops!

However we did manage to get the passport pictures done yesterday but I think they may look a bit more like the next edition of junior crimewatch!

So that’s one thing down, loads to go.

I started on the passport forms this morning, how long-winded are they? Plus they only last 5 year 🙁

Kayleigh and Ethan don’t know we’re going on a plane, for 2 reasons. 1 – they are going to love it and 2 – I couldn’t cope with the constant “are we going on a plane yet”

Never mind, a few weeks in the sun is calling, just got to get past Christmas first!

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