Is it a battle to brush your childrens teeth? Aquafresh have some top tips!

It’s that thing that always calls for the kids to groan, teeth brushing! However Aquafresh have produced this new video for you to get a few helpful tips. You can see the video below or here on YouTube.

Although Kayleigh and Ethan groan about having their teeth done they are generally good at getting it done. I have bad teeth due to a super sweet tooth and poor dental care through my teens so I promised myself I wouldn’t let Kayleigh and Ethan fall into the same trap I did.

I’m actually proud of their pearly whites!

Aquafresh have an online club where they share more information and fun tips on how to get children brushing their teeth. You can also get a free sample of Aquafresh Fresh & minty! Just visit

The video has been produced by Aquafresh after they conducted a survey of 1,500 mums with children aged between 2-12 that reveals that more than one million under-fives in the UK have at least two fillings, as mums struggle to get kids to brush their teeth. Other findings from the research are:

• One in six (17 per cent) mums say their child has at least 3 fillings

• 13 per cent of mums have children who have at least one filling by the time they start school (aged 3)

• Almost one in four (24 per cent) mums say their children only brush their teeth once a day and one in fifty say they don’t brush at all

• The research showed that almost half (47 per cent) of kids under 12 have been told they have dental decay, one of the most preventable diseases in the UK

• Over half of mothers (53 per cent) admit to finding getting their kids to brush their teeth stressful – potentially leading to arguments in over 2.5 million families

• One in fifty mums even admitted that their kids never brush their teeth.

Now it may be just me, but I find these statistics shocking! Children as young as 3 with a filling, I can’t even imagine Kayleigh with a hole in her tooth, let alone a horrible grey filling in it 🙁

As parents, is it not our responsibility to make sure our children grow up healthy and understanding the importance of these little simple things?

This post was a sponsored post by Aquafresh however apart from the stats this post is my own work.

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