Chorizo and sun-dried tomato stuffed potato skins

Before I knew the extent of my injuries I agreed to take part in the Good Natured‘s Splendid Spuds Winter Warmer challange. They challanged 10 bloggers to come up with the most creative, delicious recipe using the Splendid Spuds and one will win a Le Creuset set. All recipes will be up on their Facebook page towards the end of the month for you to vote.

I agreed, how hard could it be I thought. Then I was placed on bed rest, unable to cook or stand. Panic set in!

This week I’ve finally felt up to stepping back into the kitchen after living of convenance food and take aways for the last 4 and a bit weeks! I’m still not up to standing or sitting for very long and can’t really do anything that involves lots of moving around so its easy food at the moment!

So I had a bag of spuds and little ability to cook, what could I come up with?! I went with filled potato skins! Full of yummy ingredients these are delicious but so simply to make with a few ingredients!

Without further ado here is our simple but yummy recipes.

Chorizo and sun-dried tomato stuffed potato skins

Simple, easy and tasty! What more could you want.

Chorizo and sun-dried tomato stuffed potato skins

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