*Review* AskHerFriends.com

When I was approached to work with AskHerFriends.com I couldn’t wait to be able to take a nosy around their site.

The site itself was founded to solve that old problem of people buying gifts, meaning well but it never actually getting it quiet right. On here you can browse a selection of stores and boutiques, get suggestions and ideas and create that all important advice list for that perfect gift.

The first thing you need to do when you get onto the site is Idea map. This is a simple 6 questions with tick answers.

  • Is this special woman your:
  • How much are you looking to spend? You can tick multiple options if you’re not sure!
  • Picture her in an outfit she likes wearing. Tick all that apply:
  • If these necklaces were in a shop window, which ones would she ‘oooh!’ over? Tick all that apply
  • A perfect free Saturday to herself – what’s she doing? Tick all that apply:
  • What has she done lately? Tick all that apply:

From the answers you give here AskHerFriends.com gives you suggestions and ideas for gifts, which is very clever but it gets better!

Once you’ve browsed through the site and have added things to your list (Its called and advice list) you can then share this with your girlfriend/wife/sister’s friends and family.

They can then go through the gifts you’ve selected, rate it out of 5 stars and leave a comment. So for example you’ve added a gorgeous picture frame but one of her friends have already got it for her birthday they can leave a note to tell you. To share the list is simple. You can share through Facebook/ Twitter or email the friends direct through the site or you can take the list link from here and send it on yourself.

There is also the option here to send it to the female concerned direct for her to forward it on, however the list will remained sealed so she can’t see!

I had a browse around the site and created my advice list. I found a couple of online stores I had never heard of but am so glad I came across them. My favourites so far are Pickled Ruby and their very cute Love Heart cushion and Pretty Dandy with their bold statement cushion but trust me there are so many more to pick from!

This site is a fantastic site to help you get this Christmas gift perfect this year!

I was compensated for my time doing this review however the post and my comments are all my own opinion.

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