*Review* Little Dish Fresh Filled Pasta

Little dish have recently added two new dishes to their range.

However these are dishes with a bit of a difference!

They have brought out some yummy filled free-range egg pasta and it comes in two varieties, Mini Tortellini with Cheese and Tomato, and Mini Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta.

We were lucky enough to receive a packet of each to try out.

The first thing I noticed was how big the portion size was per packet, I managed to feed Kayleigh and Ethan from one packet and have a little spare for me to test.

The pasta itself was child friendly sizes and packed full of flavour, containing 100% natural ingredients, no unnecessary salt, with no additives or preservatives it’s a big hit in this household. It is also packed full of great flavours.

Simple to cook too, just pop it in boiling water for the time on the packaging between 7-9 minutes.

This pasta is a big winner with me as its great food for the kids when were running late is always hard work where as this takes hardly any time and very little work!

Available from Waitrose or Ocado.

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