Bath time with Nuby

Being a Nuby blogger means that I’m lucky enough to receive parcels of goodies from them on a regular basis!

This month we received a great bundle of bath toys for the kids! Our bundle contained :

  • Octopus Floating Bath Toy
  • Squid the Squirter
  • Tub Time Turtle
  • Bath Time Net
  • Fun Squirters


 We also still have our Bath time letters and numbers from our first package which are well-loved!

Nuby’s range of bath toys vary in age ranges from 6 months plus however I’m certain there is no upper age limit as even the adults have had fun with them in this house.


The entire range is bright and bold as well as being all great quality!

Octopus Floating Bath Toy is fab for fun in the bath. It is a great size but at no point does is struggle to stay afloat. Complete with 3 rings it is great for hand to eye co-ordination.

Squid the Squirter is Ethan’s favourite. Simply pop the tail end in the water and pull the head up to fill him with water then take aim and push the plunger head back down! He has a tendency to get his sister with this one!

Tub Time Turtle floats along in the water and then it drains the water out as you lift it up through the little wholes. This one would be a great sensory toy for babies!

Nothing like a bit of fishing when it comes to bath time and Bath Time Net is perfect for this. Complete with 3 fish and a net Kayleigh and Ethan have loved fishing at bathtime. Another great one for hand to eye co-ordination. It also has a chunky handle on the net so makes it perfect for little hands.

The pack of 3 Fun Squirters are little squishy animals that fill with water then are simply squished to squirt the water out! These are a perfect first bath time toy!

Nuby Bath Time letters are the best letters we’ve had. Over the years we have had lots of letter type toys however these are the best ones we have had. They contain the alphabet and numbers 0-9. All of them are a great size and are bright and bold. They are perfect for teaching little ones numbers and letters.


So there you have it. Nuby make the best bath time toys! What’s even better all of these are under £6 so would make a great last-minute stocking filler! Why not pop over to Nuby and take a look for yourself!

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