*Review* Nurture Box

Just before Christmas I was invited to try out a new monthly box delivery service. You may remember I’ve tried out a beauty box and art’s and crafts box so I was eager to see how this one faired up against them.

Nurture Box was founded the middle of last year by new parents Alice and Eddie as they began the start of parenthood with the daunting task of finding the best products on the market (Any parent would tell you it’s easier said that done!). They have now put all that knowledge and learning into something a bit more helpful for all parents.

The way Nurture Box works is you subscribe to receive boxes delivered on a monthly basis, now you can either subscribe for 1, 6 or 12 months with payments for those months being paid upfront however as with most things the more you sign up for the cheaper they become starting at £22 down to £19 depending on the option you pick. You can also gift a subscription to someone too with the options of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. All prices are inclusive of postage.

Nurture Box

Although to some the price may seem a little on the high side in the current economic climate you are actually getting a lot for your money, it’s not a box full of tiny samples. For example in our box we received :

  • Little Penguin Lost Book
  • Lulu and Boo lip balm
  • Lindy’s Cakes – Star Cookie Cutter Set
  • Miffy Toys – Textile Cubes
  • Kids Music Shop – My Very First Album CD

All priced at over £35 but would have cost me £22 for the box. Looking back through previous months too they have had some great items in their boxes from brands such as Green Babies and TumTums. The boxes are suited for your child’s age (all details taken at signing up!)

Another thing I liked is they provide you with a little booklet with the products you have in your box, a bit of information, where to find out more information and a price so you can look into more of a product if you enjoy it. There is also a little section about hints and tips.

Also another great feature of these boxes is for ever box purchased Nurture Box donate a meal to a child via the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). So you’re giving a little back each time you treat yourself.

All in all I think these boxes are probably up there with the best of the boxes on offer at the moment and most certainly stand out from the crowd, would make a great new baby gift for a friend or family member!

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