Back to Reality – Back in the Kitchen!

I have pretty much done nothing but eat for the last 2 weeks but now it’s back to reality.

We have had such an amazing time on our holiday and I will be sharing lots of our adventures over the next week or so but first I need to get ourselves back into a routine.

I have been lucky enough to hardly cook whilst we were away (By cook I mean I’ve made sandwiches!) however with my clothes starting to strain under the extra few pounds I need to get back on track.

One thing I did love about being home is I’m back in my own kitchen, don’t get me wrong our apartment in Lanzarote was perfect for what we needed but being at home I had all my “tools” plus all the spices and ingredients I’m used to!

The only thing I would like to do is finish our kitchen, we started a few years ago and it’s pretty much done. It just needs a new coat of paint. It could however do with a new cooker and fridge freezer.

I would love to possibly get a range cooker to take all the yummy cakes we bake and would even thing about one of those American fridge freezers. We don’t tend to use our freezer too often apart from freezing fresh meat or meals we’ve prepared so this would be better for us as our fridge is always overflowing!

I’ve also got my eye on a Kitchen Aid, that however is very much a want rather than a need! Let’s face it any spare cash we have goes on the kids, house or bills but I would really like to save a couple of pennies for a treat for me, I just know that I would feel guilty in doing so.

So tonight will be the first time I’ve cooked dinner in almost 2 ½ weeks, spaghetti bolognaise it is then as that is simple. I just need to build up the motivation to make it…

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