*Review* Y-Glider Scooter

A few weeks ago Letterbox got in touch to see if we would be interested in reviewing one of the many toys from their site. After having a little discussion on what Kayleigh and Ethan enjoyed playing with we jumped at the chance to review the Y-Glider as neither of them had a scooter.

Our Y-Glider arrived just in time for the warm weather which has been over us the last week or so and it didn’t take long to get it out of the box and set up.

Y-Glider Y-Glider

The first thing that surprised me is how easy it is to put together, you simply slot the handle bars into the base and they pop shut.

On first inspection the scooter looked really well made. With 3 wheels it has a sturdy foot base, on which there was wide rubber base for extra grip and a large back wheel to help with the balance.

At first we couldn’t work out quiet how the scooter was supposed to turn as it wasnt the normal turn handle mechanism however we quickly worked out it was a easy-to-use lean-to steer mechanism keeps navigation simple. A little pressure on the side you wish to turn and the scooter turned.

Kayleigh and Ethan both took the scooter into the garden as quick as they could and it wasn’t long before they were both scooting up and down the garden. The scooters age range is 3+ however Ethan who is 2 months short of his 3rd birthday had no problems in negotiating it round the garden.

Y Glider Y-Glider Y Glider

It is such a big hit that Kayleigh has requested a pink one for her birthday!

Priced at £50 a scooter it is the higher end of the market however its quality is clear to see and worth the pennies.

The Y-Glider was given to us to review by Letterbox, supplier of children’s toys.

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