Some Things I Love

This is my first time of joining in with But Why Mummy Why‘s lovely linky, Some Things I Love.

Some thing I’ve read

I’ve not really had a chance to site down and read much this week other than Kayleigh’s words for school. Her preschool felt she was ready to start reading ready for her infant school start in September. At first I was a bit sceptical however I admit I was wrong. She has learnt to read so many new words over the last 2 months, I’m very proud of how far she has come.

Some thing I’ve watched

Thankfully we have TiVo so can record all our shows to watch when we get 5 minutes peace in the evening. There are a few things we’ve been enjoying lately. I love the voice (though not keen on Leah!), its great watching the judges banter!

Then there is revolution, not sure what got us hooked on this but watching the story unravel is great and I hate waiting another week to find out what’s going to happen next.

Finally is NCIS : LA, I find all the ncis/csi program’s good to watch but this is up there with my favourites until last night. They left poor Deeks and G being tortured on the last episode until next year! I hate cliff hangers… Great show though.

Some thing I’ve worn

Nothing really exciting this week! Comfortable jeans for a a long walk round Legoland on Saturday for Ethan’s birthday.

Some thing I listened to

I have been listening to my Emile Sandé album in the car for a few weeks now and this is by far my favourite song on the album!


Some thing I can’t live without

Other than the obvious of my gorgeous little family I think it’s got to be my iPad! I’m far too lazy to get my laptop out these days so until I get myself a MacBook my iPad is for shopping, blogging, reading and playing!

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