Birthdays, it’s all about the family

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Today is my birthday, yay!

I’m fast approaching the big 3-0 however the last few birthday’s haven’t really been about my birthday. To me now its all about spending it with our little family. We never work on our birthday if we can book it off so always try to spend it together.

I hate spending money on myself when there is always so much more we could use the money on so today we headed to a local National Trust, Dunstable Downs. We purchased a kite and set about flying it…. well kind of! That’s if I could put the kite together properly.

We got there in the end and I got to get my camera back out and capture some pictures of us all having fun. To add to the kids excitement of the kite we also got to watch the gliders flying over our heads and into land at the local air fields.

To me I like to make the kids birthdays as exciting and fun as I can and seeing the joy on their face when they wake up makes it worth the while. That’s what birthdays are all about, for me, I just want to spend it with my little family and just enjoy our time together.

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How do you spend your birthday?