How I’d #Spend20K – Britmums Challenge

We have been set the challenge by Britmums to share what we would spend a nice £20,000 pounds on if we were lucky enough to win it.

Now I’ll be honest I would blow the lot on clearing debts and putting some aside for a rainy day or into the kids accounts however if I didn’t have my serious head on I would get our garden finished.

If you’ve read the blog over the last 12 months you would have noticed I am desperate to get our garden finished. I even entered competitions to win a makeover.

However so far I’ve had no luck!

So I would blow all 20k on our garden and if it stretched I would even get a holiday to recover from the make over after.

Our garden isn’t huge in square footage but it has a lot of chalk to clear our so a big chunk of our garden would be used to clear the bottom tier of rubbish out.

This would all be coming out.
Our decking would be at the very top
Our decking would be at the very top

Then I would have the top section decked with flower beds round the top deck to allow us to grow some fruit and veg, saving us money in the long run.

This is where it gets exciting!

From the top deck I want one of these:

Image from
Image from

Can you imagine how fun this would be, not just for the kids!

I would make the top-tier a great seating area for the family though with a lovely bbq area and somewhere to put our chimenea. From the top of our garden you can actually see over our bungalow and look over parts of our town. In the evening its lovely to watch the sun setting, enjoying the peace.


Image from Garden XL
Image from Garden XL

So there you have it… I would spend 20k on making our garden an outdoor home for us to enjoy for years to come.

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