Whitworths “Great Office Bake Off”

With the ever popular Great British bake Off back on the screen Whitworth’s are challenging you to take on your office and prove who really is the star baker!

To help you hold your own bake off, Whitworths have come up with their own Facebook app complete with a creative ‘all you would need’ #GOBO tool kit to get you up and running.

They also want to see your master pieces. If your not sure on what you want to bake why not head over to Whitworths website for some yummy inspirations.

So come on, why not tell me what type of baker are you?

I must admit I’m not very creative. I can follow a recipe well but am not the best at coming up with new ideas.
Whitworths have sent me some of their goodies to set me off on my baking challenge and we made some brownies last weekend which I will share with you next week I’m also going to attempt some of their other recipes to share too.


Why not set yourself of on you Great Office Bake Off and share over on Whitworths page who is your star baker, you could even turn it into a fundraising effort for a great cause and get all your colleagues involved!

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