Dunelm Sleep Challenge – Part 1

Dunelm recently asked me if I’d be interested in taking part in their 30 day sleep challenge.

The plan is I would be sent a bundle of sleep essential items plus tips from sleep experts and then at the end of the month I would be able to see if my sleep has improved.

So as well as a mattress topper and some memory foam pillows we could select a blackout blind of our choice and some bedding.

In the end after much debate I went with a simple blackout roller blind in cream and Manhattan bedding to give us that bit of colour.

Dunelm Dunelm

My sleep isn’t the greatest, we have our lovely mattress still which has helped since the injury however I still wake frequently and a majority of the time in pain or in discomfort. Then it takes me ages to head back to sleep as I just can’t switch off!

The new bedding is on the bed and we’re just going to pop the blind up in the next few days and I’m excited to see how we get on and hoping by Christmas I’ll be sleeping like a baby.

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