Our Thorntons Christmas Hero

I was recently asked if I’d like to take part in a Thorntons Christmas Hero campaign. I could pick anyone I wanted to and gift them some goodies from Thornton’s as a thank you.

For me it was pretty easy to pick, I chose Daddy Vs Work.


He is our hero in the house.

He’s the one that has to fix the things we break.

He’s the one that works non stop to help us have the lovely things we have.

He’s the human climbing frame for the kids to play on.

Daddy Vs Work

He’s the one who supported me in my decision to take voluntary redundancy, reassuring me it would work out ok and if it was something I wanted to do, then do it.

He is also the one that had to pick me up and fix me when I was broken after the car accident. It got tough after the accident. I was probably the worst person to live with for the first few months. I wasn’t sleeping and the anxiety was a bit of a bugger and I was so short-tempered I was annoying myself, however Daddy Vs Work was there to pull me back together and get me back on my feet.

To us he is our hero and always will be.

For all his hard work he got the reward of a box Classics Milk Gift Wrapped, packed full of melt-in-the-mouth fudge, crunchy fruit and nut, gooey caramel and our creamy truffles, all wrapped in yummy milk chocolate.


This is our entry into the Thornton’s Christmas Hero competition.

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