Is it cheaper now to shop at Morrisons?

Thanks to Brit Mums we were given the chance to shop at Morrisons and see if they really are cheaper with their recent price cuts.

Our nearest Morrisons is about 10 miles away unfortunately in rush hour traffic that meant a 40 minute drive! None the less there was plenty of spaces to park and we were ready to go do our shop.

We were sent to do an average weekly shop in Morrision and compare our shopping trolley price, simple really.

So armed with our shopping list for the week we headed in.

I have to say the store is only a few years old so it is in good condition but I was pleasantly surprised by how well maintained and spacious the store was.

One of the first sections we reached was the fruit and veg section and all I can say is wow. I have never seen such a selection with all the normal items such as tomatoes, apples etc but then there was lemon grass, scotch bonnet chillies and so much more.

Morrisons Morrisons

It really was an ideal place for those who want to give lots of  cuisines a try.

The store also had a fish monger, butcher and bakery.

From the store we visited we felt that they had a wide enough range of items to pick from to do a weekly shop but there wasn’t 10 different selections of baked beans for example.

Morrisons Morrisions

They also have lots of offers in store such as the 3 for £10 offer on meat which is one I normally buy. The only thing I would say is the quantity in these packs are a little down on what you would expect from their rival supermarkets however the quality is better.

With our vouchers we did a normal shop plus stuff for a picnic, some dogs toys and a couple of toys for the children. Our total at the checkout came to £108.69 – taking out the extra’s we maybe wouldn’t by on a weekly shop it would have come in at £81.00. This is about what I would have spent at my local supermarket.

Our picnic we took to Ashridge came in at £15.19 but this was for 4 adults, 3 children and lots left over so a great price for a day out.


I also made a chilli con carne (recipe and cost can be found here).

All in all we liked our shop at Morrison’s and if it was a little closer I think we would shop there on a regular basis as it is in line with the prices we currently pay however the quality is better. I have read that Morrisons are coming into Luton town centre which would put them about 10 minutes from us, here’s to hoping that is true!

We received £80 vouchers for our trip however the thoughts and opinions are my own.