Travelling with little ones

With the summer season almost here, lots of us will be travelling for day trips and holidays with our little ones.

Its the time of the year where routines go out of the window and rules get bent a little however its a time that is also a little bit stressful as it becomes a bit of a military operation to get out of the house!

When Kayleigh and Ethan were both little one of my essentials was a pop up tent for the beach, it was UV 50+ UPF and it popped up and down in seconds. Safetots currently sell it for £38.99. What was great about it though was it folded into a little bag which could be carried on the arm of the buggy so easily. We used in lots of times not only at the beach but also at the park as it came complete with pegs.


It was a handy place for them to get out of the sun and have a bit of a nap too.

Now they are a little bigger and we’ve been travelling aboard for a few times we have the fun of keeping them entertained in the airport and on the plane. We’ve found the best way to deal with this is to take their own little back pack of goodies, this tends to contain a new pad of paper or colouring book, pencils and their computer complete with their favourite teddy.


We did try Trunki’s but with my bad shoulder I was unable to pull them along and a suitcase and there was only so much stuff Daddy Vs Work could carry!

Travelling with youngsters can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be if you just plan a little ahead and accept the routine may change, I’ve found it much easier just to go with the flow and relax than trying to make a routine out of it!

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